hi love i figure you have a polyvore, what is it?

Hmm, I don’t think Farah set anything up, and I don’t have a public polyvore. I actually don’t use the site to create the sets whenever I do them.


Holland Inspired | College outfit (US stores)

Top: Ace Delivery | $48 $32.16 
Skirt: Madewell | $78 $44.99 
Bag: Croft & Barrow | $69 $48.30 
Rings: Forever 21 | $3.80 
Shoes: H&M | $12.95 

requested by mpiekarz

If accepted would our stuff be posted here or do we have to have a separate blog?

They’ll all be posted here. - F

I want you too know that I appreciate this blog. The Crystal blog, and the Teen Wolf blog. And I appreciate the work that gets put into them. So, thank you for these wonderful blogs. And they are ran wonderfully.

Thank you very much! :)  - F

Hey those serengetee shirts tyler posey is a rep for is accepting high school and college student rep applications! If you have questions, ask me, I was a rep last semester! :)

Heads up to anyone interested! - F

So of we're applying we have to send you either a fashion or beauty tutorial, along with our info..?

That’s correct!


Lydia Inspired | Beach outfit 

Dress: Eco Swim | $65 $43.55 
Bikini: J.Crew | $54 & $44 $39.99 & $29.99 
Sandals: Ipanema | $25 
Bag: Life is Good | $64 $49.99 

requested by anon

Thank you for everything that y'all do on this tumblr! You guys have inspired me to try new things with my wardrobe and to not be so self conscious about wearing dresses or bright lipstick. Keep up the awesome work, and please know that you are appreciated by all of us Holland and Lydia fans!

Aw, that’s great! Experimenting is amazing, and I’m glad that we made a difference in your life.


I'd like to apply, but I'm only 13. I help out with some sets but do not use a computer for my sets. I use mobile apps, but they are very clear and precise. If you want, I can give a sample to see if I would still be eligible?

I don’t think age would matter, anon! When I owned my music journalism site, I was 13 (doing press for big tours was a bit awkward). Just show us what you can do and submit an application!


i don't even understand people who push you to open requests, you literaly have over 50 requests on your to-do list and people just need to relax, this blog is obviously extremely popular considering it's one of the only and the best blog dedicated to holland/lydia's style and it's obvious two (i believe there's two of you, right?) people can't get it all done immediately

Yes, there’s two of us! I handle more of the questions and troubleshooting of the page, but I’ll be stepping down soon. Additionally, I’ve been dealing with a death in the family, so I’m dealing with that on top of trying to figure out how homework goes and cleaning out asks, and making sure my article for RG.net is in tip top shape in my spare time (such as now since its 7ish AM and I’m the only one awake).

But you’re correct! It’s extremely popular and when I joined, we had about 3k followers. I’ve been here for almost two years? A year? And now we’re over 8k followers, so the volume of queries match the volume of followers we do have. Luckily, though, the designers are posing more about what Holland wore, and Farah has some help in asking about some clothes (not to mention our fans!). Sadly, the MUA’s on Instagram won’t tell me how they styled Holland.