What: Brandy Melville Glenna Skirt in Red | $26 [Black version] 
Where: Various candids and conventions 

thank you saniday!

What: Jay Godfrey outfit 
Where: Playboy and A&E ‘Bates Motel’ Event During Comic-Con 
When: 25 Jul 2014

Worn with: Kotur clutch

Hey everyone, I’ll be on a school trip from now until 9 Aug. I might answer questions if I have the time, but no new posts till then (there’s a very short queue). Will get to the to-do list when I return, see you then!

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On the episode of S04E05 "Dark Moon" lydia use a red skirt and i have se same red skirt is from forever 21 too and its dark red like lydia on the episode :)

Hey, do you know the exact model of the F21 skirt that you own? So far I haven’t seen anything super similar on the F21 site. 

Lydia Lookalike | S04E05 ‘I.E.D.’

Forever 21 Prep School Skater Skirt in Burgundy/Black | $14.80 

thank you atsomnambulist!

Hi thanks so much as always for your awesome work :))). The J Crew cardi is pretty close! Also, I wanted to ask if you have seen the F21 prep skater skirt with belt? it's not exactly pleated but it has a mid-seam down the back.

No I haven’t! It’s a good similar match :) Thanks!

instagram(.)com/p/q958oozfH8/?modal=true (:

Thanks for this, will post it soon.

hiii :) so, it's almost back to school, I was wondering if you could do a couple outfits based on that :) thank youuuu 💛

Hi, I’m afraid requests are closed.

Lydia Lookalike | S03E14 ‘More Bad Than Good’

American Apparel Tri-Blend Short Sleeve Scrimmage Shirt in Tri-Cranberry | $22 

thank you cairde!

I've found an almost exact look alike of Lydia's crop top from season 3 more bad than good here, you have to select it in tri-cranberry: store(.)americanapparel(.)net/tri-blend-short-sleeve-scrimmage-shirt_tr480w

Fantastic, thank you!